Lockdown soap bottles

soap 5.jpg

Living in time of Corona Virus, the need to wash our hands is paramount. We know it is crucial to help prevent the spread of germs and fight this pandemic. Washing our hands is a simple measure to keep ourselves and loved ones safe.

To add an element of fun into hand washing, (and an enjoyable staying at home activity), I recommend customising liquid soap bottles. Children can fill bottles with beads, lego, figures, pompoms and sequins (ensuring the materials are cleaned first).

Personalised soap bottles are enjoyable to make and allow children to get a sense of achievement when seeing them displayed by the sinks.

Top tips:

  • Use clear liquid soap (so you can see all the items you added).

  • Ensure clean hands are adding the materials.

  • Clean the resources before adding to the soap.

  • Remove the product label or use a clear bottle.

  • Personalize according to specific interests. For instance, a dinosaur, spiderman, or unicorn soapy concoction.

Stay safe everyone! :)