Magical Potions

Little hands will adore this enchanting water-play. Providing children the freedom to explore, and concoct their own mesmerizing brews will allow their imaginations to flourish.

I witnessed a range of combinations; from glittery, floral mixtures, to worm and frog slime formulas. Every potion had their own special uniqueness.


❤ Fairy Dust (baking soda and glitter).

❤ Frog Slime (dish soap, water, and green food colouring).

❤Witches Brew (gold glitter, green food colouring and vinegar).

❤Rose Petals

❤Worms (cooked buckwheat noodles).

❤Mermaid potion (purple food colouring, glitter, and vinegar).

❤Unicorn tears (pink, glittery Elmers glue).


🤍 Jars (I recycled old ones).

🤍 Old soap dispensers (perfect pumping the frog slime into the mixture).

🤍 Large bowls (plastic or metal).

🤍 Spoons (of various sizes).

Top Tips:

💗 Have the resources ready and invite the children to play.

💗 As an extension activity, encourage children to collect their own materials outdoors. Sticks can be used as wands or spoons. Pebbles, petals and leaves are awesome natural additions.

💗 Demonstrate recycling and reusing by using old jars, plastic bottles and containers.

💗 Carry out a safety assessment first, ensuring the outdoor space is safe and fit for use.

What happened:

With supervision, I gave the children the ability to make their own discoveries. I watched their excitement as they investigated how baking soda and vinegar reacted together, producing bubbly potions. This invitation to play ensured they had the freedom to explore without limits and make their own decisions. As a result, the activity proved to be a huge success; children are my best critics, I know straight away whether they enjoyed an activity! One child had huge delight telling his parents about the worms and frog slime.

Cross-curricular learning

As an educator and a huge advocate of play-based learning, I seek out activities that can support children's all-round development. Here are some of the educational opportunities that can take place from this exercise:

💜 For children who are starting to read, encourage them to read the labels to discover the magical ingredients.

💜 This messy-play can be combined with a book. I read the story 'Room on the Broom', by Julia Donaldson as a starter activity.

💜 Mathematical development can be supported by including counting, weighing, and measuring.

💜 Children can write their own spells to further extend their literacy skills.

💜 Social skills can be aided as there is a need for taking turns and playing together.

💜 This sensory experience also incorporates science. Due to the chemical reaction of baking soda and vinegar, the children had extra bubbly potions.

💜 Further scientific concepts can be developed by predicting whether an ingredient will sink, float or dissolve.

💜 There is a potential for communication and language development, as play establishes the opportunity to share and discuss.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope to inspire the little ones in your care to create magical brews and spellbinding potions!

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